Vintage Valentine Advent

Ok yesterday I told you that I had an extra special Valentine for you. Here it is! It's a Vintage Valentine Advent board! Oh I just love it! Cassandra Cooper from Shabby Green Door taught the class and it used papers from her new line On the Wings of a Dream. It was simply fabulous! Now my front entry way is complete for the season!

Valentines Decor- oh my!

I've been busy getting ready for Valentines Day! It's not my favorite holiday, but the thoughts surrounding it are fun. My husband and I always go out to dinner the day before to avoid the masses of people out for the 14th, and also, it's cheaper to not have to order off their one item menu's. Ok enough about the down side of the day... and now on to my decorations!

Since I'm such a little paper crafter- I figured I better decorate my entry way for the lovely day. I bought these darling letters at Michael's for $1.99 a piece. I wanted the larger ones, but of course, they were out of the "L"... figures. That's okay. These worked out just fine! They are about 5" tall. So I bought them and put 'em by the front door. They were cute, but just not cute enough.

Yesterday, I met Dee at Craft Warehouse for a little girl time, and boy did I need it! After all day with a cranky 3 year old, I was ready for some quiet time (aka shopping). Dee and I perused the store, aisle after aisle. Putting things in our carts, taking them out again, just to put them back in. I found the cutest papers by Making Memories, Love Struck. Something about it just caught my eye. I'm not sure if it's because it felt a little vintagey to me, or it was just ultra cutesy, but I decided that I had to have them. 3 sheets, $2.40. Not too bad. All I could think about was altering the LOVE letters with this paper. I LOVE how they turned out! Don't you! Oh they are SO CUTE, way more so in person, than the pictures, but oh well, this will have to do! For only $11.00- I think it's pretty awesome!

Ok so I wasn't done there, this paper was just calling to me! I had bought a random $3.00 frame from Wal-mart a few weeks ago. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it, but just staring at this paper and trying to be creative, I came up with THIS! I removed the glass, glued my background paper onto the back part of the frame (it folds down) and started placing pieces on it. The glitz in the corners are actually brads that I just broke the prongs off of, and a chandelier crystal hangs from the center. Oh and the Cupid is actually Tim Holtz Grunge Board. I painted it a light cream then sprayed Latte and Silver Glimmer Mist on it once it was dry. Isn't it cute! Oh my entry way just looks so festive!

Just wait til you see what I created TODAY! Happy Crafting!

Valentine Bingo

So I haven't blogged in a while... been busy I suppose.

So the other day, I ran across this cool blog, Scrap Journal of Angela Holt. I'm really starting to like this vintage look and her site is just full of it! Well, in any case, she's hosting this fun Valentines Bingo. You had to send your choice words and each day she'll call out a few words until someone types BINGO! Well, today- I may have been a tad bored at work- so I created my bingo card for the Bingo game. It was worth an extra 2 points, so what the heck right! Well, here's what I could do with my limited resources at my desk. Oh, and go check out Angela's blog!

My 1st publication submission!

Ok I FINALLY did it! I found this FAB website that shows me all the scrapbook submission, design team, and contest calls, and I decided that it was time to submit! Well. It's a start. And, it was a digital submission because it was already on my computer, but it's ok! I'm proud of myself! This is a digital layout I did back in June-09. The call was for layouts that use the color turquoise. I think I'm safe! Anyway, you probably want me to share my new favorite link with you, so here you go! Enjoy submitting your work and best of luck! Oh I suppose I should also say that I submitted to Canadian Scrapbooker (even though I'm an American).

illuminate necklace give away!

While reading Heidi Swapp's blog posting this morning, she mentioned a great give away from Lisa Leonard- a beautiful Illuminate Necklace! I just love the look of the silvery necklace with the black debossed chandelier! Go check out her site- leave a comment- and hope to win! Here's the link to her website/give away- Good luck!

2 more things off my list!

I am such a procrastinator. I know it. I accept it. I embrace it. I can come up with tons of reasons why I haven't done something, although the real reason, I just didn't want to do it! Ok so the first thing I was able to scratch off my list tonight was this-

Each month since Ace was born (Dec 2006) I have compiled images from the previous month, loaded them to a website, and sent them to friends and family. 3 years I've been doing this. I used post it pretty close to the beginning of the month-But now... it's whenever I feel like it. So, I mentioned it to Garrick about how I hadn't done it yet. He said- well, the month is 1/2 over, no need to do it now. Then I felt bad. I know everyone is looking forward to seeing what my little guy did last month! So, tonight, I sat down, and did it. I know you're dying to see too so here's the link.

Now the second item, for the most part, was not me procrastinating. I know you're probably not agreeing with me, but really it wasn't my fault. So, the night I had my cookie party, I told everyone that I would be sending them a file with all the compiled recipes. I had even typed up a few of the receipes onto the digital kit before the party started! I was so excited! I was hoping to have it out w/in a few days, beacuse it really does take some work to do this. So, I typed, and edited, and saved my files. It was down to the last 5 recipes, all from one baker. I know I could have sent out the files without these last recipes and sent them later, but I wanted to finish this project and be done. Well, last week I finally got the recipes, got them typed up, edited, etc. and compiled them into one large PDF file. Now came the procrastination part. I had the ENTIRE WEEKEND to send it out, but I didn't. Of course not, I know that's what you're thinking. But- in any case, I used facebook to find everyone's email addresses and sent them the file tonight. Whether anyone does anything with it is irrelevant. I just know I finally completed a second item. Two in one night! Whooo Hoooo! So, for those of you interested, I got the FREE digital recipe kit at Shabby Princess. It turned out super cute! If by so off chance you would like the file of recipes, please feel free to email me. I'll get it to you... sooner or later! ;)

TTFN! Jenn

I'm "LINKED TO" on another blog!

Ok I KNOW I'm a nerd- but I was checking out the feedjit list of how people are finding my little 'ol blog, and I was shocked to see yet again, someone find me from the Kayla Aimee blog. I follow Kayla Aimee on her blog, her twitter and her facebook. Yes, her tweets DO come to my phone because her posts are just that funny that I have to read them as soon as she posts! I feel like I know her, but have never met her. Although this one time, she tweeted something, and then I replied to it and she replied to me! Isn't that cool! Ok, maybe not to you, but she's my little "celebrity blogger" friend. And then... oh wait- back to the subject at hand...

SO, I was looking at the feedjit list, and people are getting to me via Kayla Aimee. So I clicked on the link that they are coming from, figuring it's going to link me back to a comment I made to one of her posts, but NO- I am on her BLOG ROLL! I'm so excited! I think I need to go back and repeat the "I KNOW I'M A NERD" comment???

Anyway- I crafted lots this weekend. I finished tag #10 of my vintage Christmas advent calendar (very very glad Christmas is still 348 days away). I also have been tasked with making a little "baby album" for my new cousin to be, due in February. The album is jungle animal theme. I finished 4 of the 20 pages in 3 1/2 hours. It's turning out SO SO CUTE! I'm afraid I won't want to part with it when I'm done. I have to finish the book by the shower on 1/30, so if only I didn't have to work, I could actually scrap and get it done! I know you want to see pictures, but well- I don't have any yet. I will post them, promise!

Well, I guess I better get back to work, so that I can get the rest of the work day done and then maybe scrap tonight, if I'm not too tired. TTFN! Jenn

The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/6/10

*Outside my window is a sunny blue sky, and cold winter air.
*I am thinking of how nice it would feel to sit in my car with the sun shining in the windows and my seat warmer on and the sunroof open to get some cool, crisp, fresh air
*I am thankful that I can decorate my cubicle at work however I like, so I can look at my fabulous altered items
*I am wearing the same black sweater that I was wearing when I posted to my blog on 12/30.
*I am going to buy some new clothes... SOON
*I remembered
*I am currently listening to my iPod on Shuffle and Lady Gaga just came on, again
*I am hoping that my Sister-in-Law Carrie is able to get back to Germany soon. Military flights are hard to get without your soldier with you. Her soldier is in Iraq
*I am noticing the notification light flashing on my blackberry- must stop to check it
*My favorite lunchtime treat is chocolate anything. Today it was chocolate covered Ritz crackers
*From within the kitchen clutter I found the Panda Express gift card that I thought I mistakenly threw away.
*Around the house are little bits of my scrapbook art. I must start displaying more of it.
*One of my favorite songs right now is called "Life Left to go" by Safetysuit.

The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/5/10

*Outside my window are the faint sounds of the coyotes howling at the moon
*I am thinking continually about my neighbors and how sad they must be to have lost their son
*I am wearing a little chocolate around my mouth from the candy pieces I'm eating
*I am going to finish up the digital recipe cards hopefully on Wednesday
*I remembered to take a picture today for the Photo 365 although I've failed to post any of them
*I am currently watching time tick by as I type and try to think of interesting things to type about.
*I am hoping to get some medication at the athsma doctor tomorrow to get this under control
*I am wondering if anyone even reads these postings, but also wonder if I really care if they read it. It's for me.
*My favorite song today is called "What If" by Safetysuit.
*From the kitchen cupboard came noodles and spaghetti sauce from the jar which I used to make a not so delicious dinner- but we ate it
*Around the house in every room, I find little football figures, about 2" tall, that Ace loves, but leaves around.
*One of my favorite things to do, is tease my dad, and today was no exception.

The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/4/10

*outside my window is the moist evening air from a rain soaked day
*I am thinking about my husbands comment about the correlation between my weight and my athsma
*I am thankful that my son has been going to sleep easily lately
*I am wearing a new perfume- Harajuku lovers "Love" that my hubby found for me at Nordstrom Rack and thought it was a great deal at only $20!
*I am going to take some food to my greiving neighbors
*I remembered to put the snack for Ace's class in the car already so I won't forget in the morning
*I am currently exhaused...
*I am hoping to get resolution to a work issue during tomorrow's meeting
*I am noticing the overly negative tone this posting has taken on tonight, and I'm not liking it
*My favorite show right now is Brothers and Sister.
*From the kitchen and to my neighbors I went to pay my respects.
*Around the house is clutter, and I'm starting to feel like I'm at the beginnings of being a hoarder.
*One of my favorite ideas from today is to make vinyl lettering to put on my craft room wall, with my goals for the year.

The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/3/10

*Outside my window is the evening sky, telling me that it's almost time for bed, for the threat of another "Monday" is looming on the dawn.
*I am thinking of our dear neighbors, who lost their son last night. My thoughts are with them right now.
*I am thankful my husband made it home early from the Seahawks game, in time to read books to Ace.
*I am wearing my favorite old sneaks "Cat" brand. Yes I know it's a construction company, but the shoes are not work boots... promise!
*I am going to install my new Bamboo Pen application when I'm done with this post
*I remember that yesterday I vowed to finish my corkboard by tonights post, and I finished it YESTERDAY!!! +1 for me!
*I am currently listening to Norah Jones, The Fall... great album!
*I am hoping that this week at work goes by fast.
*My favorite lyrics today are again by Lady Gaga, "Show me your teeth" because it makes Ace laugh, which in turn, makes me laugh.
*I am noticing that I have more acne now, than I have in a while... what am I, 16 again?
*From the kitchen are chores, calling my name, as I pretend to have ear plugs in.
*Around the house is evidence that Ace and I had fun playing games together
*One of my favorite new pics of Ace is him playing in the snow, taken on New Years Eve!

Dear to my Heart Layout

Back in November, I went to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Seattle with my girlfriends. Friday morning at the Quick Quotes booth, they had this darling make-n-take for only $5.00! You got all the supplies and put it together right there. It's made on their super cool canvas boards. I finally got around to adding pictures to it today and put it up by my front door! How cute is this! :)

My Finished Starbucks Album

A few months ago, I started working on my Starbucks album, created by Wilna Furstenberg. I posted a pic of her album on this blog posting. Well I finished this album about a month or so ago, but then in my horribly cluttered room, I misplaced it. I finally found it again and took pics. Here it is! All my little hints and lessons learned are on my previous blog post here incase you want any pointers! I hope you enjoy making yours as much as I did making mine! I LOVE IT!

The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/2/10

*Outside my window is the beautiful starry night
*I am thinking that there must be a solution to my daily athsma inhaler use...
*I am thankful that Ace slept in this morning and we had a much better day
*I am wearing my favorite pair of jeans.
*I am going to finish a cork board project that I started this afternoon, tomorrow. It's all laid out and the glue gun is next to it. The first row is already glued down... it's a start!
*I remember how much I enjoy quiet time
*I am currently awaiting my girlfriends arrival to being our night of scrapping which usually begins sometime around 8 or 8:30 pm.
*I am hoping to get 3-4 of my vintage tags done tonight
*My favorite musical artist right now is Kings of Leon
*I am noticing that I didn't get very far on the attempt to clean/organize my scrap room. I only got out 4 new bins for storage, and a bag for trash. That's about it.
*From the kitchen is the smell of my Red Chili Marsala Scentsy candle. Sweet & Spicy
*Around the house are white spots where I have patched nail holes that I intend to cover with paint... someday. I got the paint stirred about 6-8 months ago.
*One of my favorite chocolates is the Lindt Lindor chocolate balls. I got some in a gift basket and boy are they tasty!

The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/1/10

*Outside my window is the dark night sky, with one neighbor's roof still lit with Christmas lights.
*I am thinking that I have had an exhausting day and that I'm so ready for bed, but I wanted to post my blog for the day.
*I am thankful for my husband putting up with our cranky son long enough for me to take an extended shower this afternoon. It was very much appreciated, which I told him, although I think he thought I was being sarcastic.
*I am wearing no make up and my hair is pulled back, yet again.
*I am going to bed much earlier than normal, knowing that I am very deserving of the extra sleep and am ready to take full advantage.
*I remembered to let the dogs out one final time so that as soon as I hit "publish" I can shut off my monitor and go upstairs
*I am currently looking around my cluttered craft room, and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning it.
*I am hoping that my girlfriends still come over tomorrow night to scrap with me. I would really enjoy getting a few more of my vintage tags completed.
*My favorite song lyrics for the day are from Weezer (If you're Wondering)- "when the conversation stops, and we're facing our defeat, I'll be next to you and you'll be right there next to me"
*I am noticing how dry my skin is from this really cold weather.
*From the kitchen of my mother-in-law is this yummy concoction I'm enjoying of chex cereal, cheerios, pretzels and M&M's all covered in almond bark... so yummy
*Around the house is evidence that I am not a very tidy housekeeper
*One of my favorite things is the quiet time in the house after a chaotic day.

Happy New Year to you all!