Vegas baby, Vegas

I don't have much to say today... just so VERY EXCITED for Vegas tomorrow! Yes I do still have to work a full day, but hey that's okay cuz I don't have to take any time off of work for my fun weekend!  All I keep thinking is

Ok now just for your entertainment- here are a few pictures from the last "party weekend" I had in Vegas about 2 years ago... It was my birthday weekend, don't judge...  ;)

Yes I AM dancing on the bar, and yes that is me about to pass out while trying to get some food after a long night of drinking and dancing... I apparently complained of the slow service... maybe cuz I was sleeping!

Random Hilarity

I know I laugh at the stupidest things, it's part of my charm. I was on today and stumbled across this website. I couldn't even finish looking at the pictures cuz I was cracking up so much that I didn't want my cubicle neighbors to wonder what I was doing.

Ok I went back and finished looking at the pictures. I was able to calm myself by putting on a little Black Eyed Peas in my earbuds. Here's my favorite of all the safety signs...

Be on the lookout for terror!sts with pink eye and leprosy.
Also, they tend to rub their hands together manically.

Today's thought

Ran across this picture on the Dear Lizzy blog this morning. It really hit home.

Awkward Conversations

My old boss, (I mean Manager*- sorry sorry, he HATED it when I called him my boss) stopped by my cubicle today on his way to another meeting. Conversations with him are & were always so awkward. I'm a chatter... I'll admit it. It was so hard working for for someone who just cannot converse like a normal person... wait let me rephrase that- converse like a non-scientist person. Those scientists just have so much going on in their brain that is so much more important than the meaningless conversations I have, but um- back on track...

I would sit at my desk every day as he walked in and out of his office, right past my desk with out saying: good morning, hi, how's it going, nothing!!! As if I was invisible. That's just so frustrating. How can people just pretend like you aren't there. NO there wasn't a wall in front of my desk so he wouldn't know if I was there or not. He could hear me talking to other people. He could hear me laugh-- I mean, who can't hear me laugh! Even my new boss knows my laugh and comes looking for me beause he knows I'm close by. I know, I know, back to the story (oh and I changed names to protect the innocent, except my own of course, because that would just be dumb)-But those of you who know me, know who it really is!

So he stopped by my cube today and the conversation went something like this...
B) Hi Jenn
J) Hi Brent
B) How's it going?
J) Good. How about you?
B) Going good.
J) How's Kim (wife)
B) Good.
J) Good. How's the kids?
B) Good.
J) How's the new building?
B) Good.
J) Oh good. I was over there last week. It was nice, as nice as cubicles can be I guess.
B) Yeah, the labs are nice
B) How's your boy? Is he causing you problems yet?
J) No, luckily, but he's only 3. It'll come with the territory I suppose.
B) Yeah. Ok bye.

I think it took about 2 minutes total for him to talk to me. It was probably the worst 2 minutes of his day, but then again- HE was the one who stopped by to talk to me, not the other way around. People can be so weird!

Oh the Antique Store- "smell"

I've really been getting into this whole vintage scrapbooking thing lately. I've been enjoying the hunt for treasures at the antique stores and goodwill and stores of the like. All the antique stores have this little flier that lists all the other stores in town. This does seem odd to me that they're advertising the other stores, but whatever. It's their business, not mine. So anyway- There's one that I've seen a sign for a few times now, Pat Sime Antiques. It's not on the "list" but somehow I found it anyway.

Today is my day off. Ace and I were headed out for coffee at my favorite little Dutch Bros when I drove by the Pat Sime sign. I thought, what the heck, Ace can go in there with me. I'll be quick. What's 5 minutes, right. We walked in, and first off, it's an ice box in there. No, not exagerating, it's really really cold. I even had my coat on, and was cold. Poor Ace, he hadn't wanted his coat (remember, he's 3- and has a mind of his own). "MOM, it's cold in here" he says. I wasn't going to point it out, but I agreed with him and told him I'd be quick.

The antique store had a smell all it's own, as most do. It smells musty and old and almost like a vintage shoppers version of death, or maybe just what I remember of my grandmothers basement. This is the same smell that made me refuse to go to the Goodwill & Value Village type stores for many many years. Just plain gross.

"MOM, IT'S STINKY IN HERE", came this small voice from across the room. I smirk to myself, knowing full well how bad it smelled. It was just Ace and I and the shop owners daughter. I politely replied, "I know honey, just breathe through your mouth, I'll be quick" and continued shopping. The whining started, "but mom, it's STINKY!", as he starts to gag. (He has a super sensitive gag reflex). "I know honey, I'm almost done" He's now holding his plastic coffee cup (hot chocolate) in one hand, plugging his nose with the other and has tears running down his face as he loudly proclaimed- "MOM- SOMEONE POOPED IN HERE!" I was a bit embarrased, but went over and scooped him up and let him whine on my shoulder. We left shortly after, but you've just gotta love the embarrasing things kids say!


I peruse many scrapbooking blogs (via RSS mostly) throughout the day. Some I just look at the pictures, others I actually read every word, sometimes multiple times. Today my RSS list is 45 strong... wow! How do I have time to work when there's scrapping to think about! Ok on to today's little gem!
I started out on The Gal Blog post from yesterday. Yes, the lingerie card... I think it's darling! My mind started running with it and now I think I must go buy some new ribbons! But I wanted to see the template for one, and for two, I wanted to see everyone else's takes on it. I was thinking back to CKC Seattle last November (oh what fun we had!) and this super cute booth had a darling chipboard bra. I wanted it but didn't know what to do with it then... now I wish I'd have bought it. Sorry- back on track, so while reading the post on The Gal Blog, she has a link to more designs on the ScrapFIT blog- Even Cuter!!! In that blog, she puts a link to the actual template... didn't know you were going blog hopping today did you!?! Ok so I'll give you the shortcut- but you really really should check out the other blogs.... they're great ones! Ok here's the link to the template, it's on the Much Ado About Nothing blog - click here for the template.

Ok- so now I want to see YOUR version of the lingerie card! Believe me, if I had my supplies with me right now I would SO be doing this! Maybe I should sketch it out... great idea!