The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/3/10

*Outside my window is the evening sky, telling me that it's almost time for bed, for the threat of another "Monday" is looming on the dawn.
*I am thinking of our dear neighbors, who lost their son last night. My thoughts are with them right now.
*I am thankful my husband made it home early from the Seahawks game, in time to read books to Ace.
*I am wearing my favorite old sneaks "Cat" brand. Yes I know it's a construction company, but the shoes are not work boots... promise!
*I am going to install my new Bamboo Pen application when I'm done with this post
*I remember that yesterday I vowed to finish my corkboard by tonights post, and I finished it YESTERDAY!!! +1 for me!
*I am currently listening to Norah Jones, The Fall... great album!
*I am hoping that this week at work goes by fast.
*My favorite lyrics today are again by Lady Gaga, "Show me your teeth" because it makes Ace laugh, which in turn, makes me laugh.
*I am noticing that I have more acne now, than I have in a while... what am I, 16 again?
*From the kitchen are chores, calling my name, as I pretend to have ear plugs in.
*Around the house is evidence that Ace and I had fun playing games together
*One of my favorite new pics of Ace is him playing in the snow, taken on New Years Eve!
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