The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/1/10

*Outside my window is the dark night sky, with one neighbor's roof still lit with Christmas lights.
*I am thinking that I have had an exhausting day and that I'm so ready for bed, but I wanted to post my blog for the day.
*I am thankful for my husband putting up with our cranky son long enough for me to take an extended shower this afternoon. It was very much appreciated, which I told him, although I think he thought I was being sarcastic.
*I am wearing no make up and my hair is pulled back, yet again.
*I am going to bed much earlier than normal, knowing that I am very deserving of the extra sleep and am ready to take full advantage.
*I remembered to let the dogs out one final time so that as soon as I hit "publish" I can shut off my monitor and go upstairs
*I am currently looking around my cluttered craft room, and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning it.
*I am hoping that my girlfriends still come over tomorrow night to scrap with me. I would really enjoy getting a few more of my vintage tags completed.
*My favorite song lyrics for the day are from Weezer (If you're Wondering)- "when the conversation stops, and we're facing our defeat, I'll be next to you and you'll be right there next to me"
*I am noticing how dry my skin is from this really cold weather.
*From the kitchen of my mother-in-law is this yummy concoction I'm enjoying of chex cereal, cheerios, pretzels and M&M's all covered in almond bark... so yummy
*Around the house is evidence that I am not a very tidy housekeeper
*One of my favorite things is the quiet time in the house after a chaotic day.

Happy New Year to you all!

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