The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/4/10

*outside my window is the moist evening air from a rain soaked day
*I am thinking about my husbands comment about the correlation between my weight and my athsma
*I am thankful that my son has been going to sleep easily lately
*I am wearing a new perfume- Harajuku lovers "Love" that my hubby found for me at Nordstrom Rack and thought it was a great deal at only $20!
*I am going to take some food to my greiving neighbors
*I remembered to put the snack for Ace's class in the car already so I won't forget in the morning
*I am currently exhaused...
*I am hoping to get resolution to a work issue during tomorrow's meeting
*I am noticing the overly negative tone this posting has taken on tonight, and I'm not liking it
*My favorite show right now is Brothers and Sister.
*From the kitchen and to my neighbors I went to pay my respects.
*Around the house is clutter, and I'm starting to feel like I'm at the beginnings of being a hoarder.
*One of my favorite ideas from today is to make vinyl lettering to put on my craft room wall, with my goals for the year.
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