The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/5/10

*Outside my window are the faint sounds of the coyotes howling at the moon
*I am thinking continually about my neighbors and how sad they must be to have lost their son
*I am wearing a little chocolate around my mouth from the candy pieces I'm eating
*I am going to finish up the digital recipe cards hopefully on Wednesday
*I remembered to take a picture today for the Photo 365 although I've failed to post any of them
*I am currently watching time tick by as I type and try to think of interesting things to type about.
*I am hoping to get some medication at the athsma doctor tomorrow to get this under control
*I am wondering if anyone even reads these postings, but also wonder if I really care if they read it. It's for me.
*My favorite song today is called "What If" by Safetysuit.
*From the kitchen cupboard came noodles and spaghetti sauce from the jar which I used to make a not so delicious dinner- but we ate it
*Around the house in every room, I find little football figures, about 2" tall, that Ace loves, but leaves around.
*One of my favorite things to do, is tease my dad, and today was no exception.
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