I'm still here- no worries

Hey Everyone in Blogland! Long time no type! I'm still around, don't worry. Just haven't been in the blogging sorta mood. I've sure been reading all sorts of new blogs though, and boy am I inspired!

A few of my new blog sites are:
U Create
Someday Crafts
The Painted Hive
My Repurposed Life
My Dear Trash

Are you sensing what my newest interests are??? Yep, you guessed it, REPURPOSING! I've even, believe it or not, began "junking" as my dear friend DEE calls it. It includes going to yard sales and 2nd hand stores, both not really my thing... BUT, I now see possibility rather than used junk when I go to these stores! That's a change huh. I suppose I should start taking pics of my "junking" finds... but, that'll be another day. Besides I've already started to alter the a bit!


Ok back to work for now- thanks for hanging in there for me!