2 more things off my list!

I am such a procrastinator. I know it. I accept it. I embrace it. I can come up with tons of reasons why I haven't done something, although the real reason, I just didn't want to do it! Ok so the first thing I was able to scratch off my list tonight was this-

Each month since Ace was born (Dec 2006) I have compiled images from the previous month, loaded them to a website, and sent them to friends and family. 3 years I've been doing this. I used post it pretty close to the beginning of the month-But now... it's whenever I feel like it. So, I mentioned it to Garrick about how I hadn't done it yet. He said- well, the month is 1/2 over, no need to do it now. Then I felt bad. I know everyone is looking forward to seeing what my little guy did last month! So, tonight, I sat down, and did it. I know you're dying to see too so here's the link.

Now the second item, for the most part, was not me procrastinating. I know you're probably not agreeing with me, but really it wasn't my fault. So, the night I had my cookie party, I told everyone that I would be sending them a file with all the compiled recipes. I had even typed up a few of the receipes onto the digital kit before the party started! I was so excited! I was hoping to have it out w/in a few days, beacuse it really does take some work to do this. So, I typed, and edited, and saved my files. It was down to the last 5 recipes, all from one baker. I know I could have sent out the files without these last recipes and sent them later, but I wanted to finish this project and be done. Well, last week I finally got the recipes, got them typed up, edited, etc. and compiled them into one large PDF file. Now came the procrastination part. I had the ENTIRE WEEKEND to send it out, but I didn't. Of course not, I know that's what you're thinking. But- in any case, I used facebook to find everyone's email addresses and sent them the file tonight. Whether anyone does anything with it is irrelevant. I just know I finally completed a second item. Two in one night! Whooo Hoooo! So, for those of you interested, I got the FREE digital recipe kit at Shabby Princess. It turned out super cute! If by so off chance you would like the file of recipes, please feel free to email me. I'll get it to you... sooner or later! ;)

TTFN! Jenn
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