Still working on my mini book

I started working on my Coffee Cup Mini Book from Wilna Furstenberg's tutorial that appeared on Ali Edward's blog back on October 19th.

I thought I would make it easier on myself by opening the pages in Photoshop Elements and replace the pics and print all at once. It worked well. But then I forgot to print, of course- So I printed them this weekend and embellished them. Yesterday Dee scored us a dozen white tall cups from Starbucks and I started working on the cup portion of the tutorial when I got home. I finally got the colors to look the way I wanted after ruining 2 cups. I don't suggest spraying Ranger Color Wash directly onto the cup. Way too dark (learned on cup #1). Cup #2 was a dark brown glimmery mess from multiple layers of glimmer mist and a little color wash. Cup #3 turned out the best! I sprayed my stream color wash onto a piece of cardboard and used a baby wipe to pick up the color and paint it onto the cup. Looks great! Oh also, in the steps where it says to use a hot glue gun to glue the cardboard into the cup, I tried that and either my "low heat" glue gun wasn't the best idea, or I just didn't glue it down fast enough. I ended up using Zip Dry and it worked perfectly! Only other thing I forgot was to do was cut out the circle on the front of the cup and replace it with a picture. I'll do it later! Ok going to get to work now (Yes I'm actually at work- updating my personal blog... oops!) but once I'm done with the book- I will post it here! It's turning out A-MAZ-ING!

One more thing before I go- Wilna is teaching another version of this book on her DIY Holiday class and it's actually TODAY's class! It's a Holiday version with the Starbucks RED cups! SOO CUTE. Go sign up now if you haven't already!

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