Abbey Road- Bo Bunny

I was up in Seattle a few weeks back and I went to my favorite scrapbook store in Kent, Scrapbook Nook- ( I found the adorable new line "Abbey Road" by Bo Bunny ( and I said "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS ". About 2 weeks after my purchase, I decided that I had to do something with the paper. Here's what I came up with!

I've finally discovered the key to utilizing a scrapbook kit. You have to use it all before you move on. When you like a paper/patern, etc., you have to use it ALL and I mean ALL. Whatever's left when you're done throw away, give away, trade, do something with it, but don't put it in your scraps! I created this page with what was left after my first 2-page layouts. (Yes I know it's missing a title- haven't gotten around to that part yet!)

While I was at an all day crop with a bunch of friends and decided I had to do something with another one of my "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS" purchases, which were these adorable naked chipboard letters (also purchased at Scrapbook Nook). Naturally, I chose to spell my name, and since my new philosophy is to use up all of my kit, I figured out how to fit my letters on the papers just right and voila! Now it's hanging on my wall for all to see! (no my wall isn't pink, although that would be rather cute!) I used my crop-o-dile to punch the holes on the sides and bound them messily with ribbon. I used zip-dry to glue the spiral paper clips to the back so I could hang it on the wall. Pretty clever huh!

That was it for my Abbey Road line and yes I did get rid of the rest of it! Horray for no scraps!

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More for March Design Team

Out of the same pack of Cosmo Cricket "Lil' Man" paper, I also created this 4 sided door hanger. The initial idea was to make a "shhh baby sleeping" but once you started reading the phrases, nothing really fit the bill. SO, out came the creativity! I decided each of the four sides was to be more of a point of where the boy was, or the type of mood he was trying to convey. It was bound using my Bind It All, but because of all the decorative ribbon I put on the wires, it doesn't actually flip over. I also used the Cricut to cut out the words "come in" on the cover, and "took off" on the 3rd page.

I'm here- come on in! I'm ready to fight... enter at your own risk
I'm not here

Wishing Dad would take me to a ball game!

Design Team projects March 2008

So I am finally deciding to post some of my works that I've created for the Scrap Happens Design Team. Some stuff I like, some I think is just okay but either way, I truely hope you get inspired to break out your inner scrapper!

All of these pages were made with the new 2009 Cosmo Cricket "Lil' Man" Crafting Kit.

The "Play Ball" page was intended to be a double layout however I just couldn't make it work for me. So I decided that since not everyone wants or needs a 2 page layout, I'd just leave it a single. I'm so glad I did! I love this page. It's simple but so cute!

This last page is another simple one. I really liked the phrase and had to use it. It's hard to read but it says, "I don't mean to find so much trouble, but mom keeps it everywhere. The cookie jar is full of it". See isn't that cute! I just envision pics on the page of a kid on the counter with his/her hand in the cookie jar, while mom is sneakily taking pictures, herself trying not to get caught.