It's a cookie party

It's late, I'm up, I'm baking cookies and I'd rather be in bed. But I signed up for this, well, rather- I wanted to host a cookie party for my girlfriends. Thought it'd be fun for us all to gather and bring cookies to share and have a little gift exchange/steal game. Yeah- it'll be fun. But the process of putting on a party is just, well, so much work! I'm on dozen 4, of 6, and wishing the time would go faster. The timer goes off every 12 minutes. Not going fast enough for me.

I'm really cold too. It's 6* F outside. (that's -14 C, for those who want to convert it). Either way, it's too darn cold! ***BRRRRR*** We're supposed to get a warm spell this weekend. Yep, we're heading back to double digits, all the way to +32* and possibly snow?!? I guess that if it is going to be this cold, that I'd like to have snow. I do feel bad though, that Ace out grew his snow boots last winter, and I only looked at 1 store, 1 time, to see if they had any in his size (which they didn't). So if it snows, guess who won't be out making a snowman, or sledding, or trying to figure out how to ride his skateboard. Poor Ace! Good thing he's only 3. He'll learn soon enough that he can just wear regular shoes for a short time, and then come back in the house.

But on a good note, tomorrow IS my day off. Not sure what Ace and I will do, but I'm sure we'll have fun. He wants to go feed the ducks. I told him when we went to the store earlier that I'd buy bread for the ducks. Ummm- I forgot. OOPS. It wasn't intentional, at all. I'm sure he'll want me to go to the store in the morning. Maybe the duck pond will be frozen over. That's always cool, watching ducks try to land on a frozen pond!

Well, in any case, if you're bored tonight or early tomorrow morning, whip up a batch of 6 dozen cookies and come to my house tomorrow night and we'll have some fun! Party starts at 6:30pm. See you then!

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