Christmas Ornaments

I really love the holidays and especially love Christmas. I love putting up the *live* Christmas tree and putting on all the lights and ornaments. Although Ace is only 3, he really enjoys it too. This was his second year getting to put the star on the top once we were all done. I think that's his official duty from now on. He loves it!

I read an article in one of my many parenting magazines a few years ago about how hard it was for adults to give up their nicely decorated tree for one that has ornaments on only the top half. The suggestion the article gave, was to give the child(ren) their own tree to decorate however they like. While I do think this is a good idea in some respects, I have yet to purchase a tree just for him. At this stage, I want Ace to admire and touch the tree the tree, arrange the ornaments, and enjoy the decorations. I want him to remember being a part of the decorating and preparations for the big day! My favorite part of him helping to decorate the tree is a tradition that I started with a few of my close friends. Instead of exchanging gifts for the kids, we started exchanging an ornament. The ornaments I have chosen have been picture frames which I put a picture of the two friends in. It allows us to remember the fun times we had together this year, and next year when we once again unpack our ornaments, we can smile at the growth our children have had over the past year. It's also fun to look at the other non-photo ornaments he has received and smile as I tell Ace who gave that to him (marking with a sharpie helps!). Here is this years ornament for Maddie & Ace.

What are some of your traditions you've started that you just love?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with many fond memories!

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