Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy Ace!

I know these pictures aren't great- they're from my camera phone- but I tried for 30 min to get a pic of him not covering his eyes...

I can't believe 3 years ago, I was laying in a hospital bed, holding my little baby for the first time. I know every parent says this but really... where did the time go? I am thankful that I can look back at pictures and see where it's gone. I always smile remembering all the fun we've had and it's amazing to me how much he's grown. Not just physically, but intellectually too. He wants to do everything for himself, including using a knife to spread the butter on his corn (well, it was a steak knife- so I had to intervene a little). He has an opinion about everything (where did he get that?). He says some really hilarious things and loves to get his morning coffee (aka hot chocolate or vanilla steamer)just like his mama. He's anxious to start decorating for Christmas and his new favorite song is Feliz Navidad- which he pronounces Felly Nah be dah be dah... Funny Boy! Happy Birthday Baby!
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