The Simple Woman's Daybook 12/30/09

I ran across The Simple Woman's Daybook today on this blog. I thought this might be interesting (at least for me) to be able to look back at my thoughts, ideas, daily things... well, that is- only if I can keep up with posting! I know I'm not the most devoted blogger, but hey I'm trying! I know you are probably thinking that I should make it a New Year's resolution, but I never keep my resolutions so why start making them now, just to break them in a few days! But in any case... here goes nothing!

-Outside my window- Snow! Beautiful, white, fluffy snow! So much snow! (ok, maybe only 1" max, but that's a lot!)
-I am thinking that my desk chair is not really comfortable any more.
-I am thankful for my fabulous 3 year old son Ace, my husband who cooks us dinner every day, and my many friends and family who make me feel like I am somebody!
-I am wearing a black Ralph Lauren sweater that I have owned for about 6+ years, but can't bear to part with, a new pair of jeans from Maurices and my hair up in a messy knot because I'm too lazy to make my hair look nice for work.
-I am remembering how much fun I had last night in Hermiston at Cassandra Cooper's house creating a vintage advent calendar for Christmas (next year) with my girlfriends
-I am going to have lunch with my friend Tracy today, in her office, and enjoy some homemade chili and cornbread, instead of the frozen Healthy Choice lunch that I brought with me today.
-I am currently listening to my Ipod on shuffle, with Rob Thomas, Owl City, Lady Gaga, Pink & Train (among others)
-I am hoping that the roads are not icy tonight when I leave work and head home
-My favorite song lyrics "Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air", by Pink, song title- Glitter in the Air
-Noticing that it is about 11:30 and I'm really getting hungry for lunch
-From the kitchen come my two pugs, Lola and Lucky, after scouring the floor for any scraps they could find.
-Around the house are Ace's toys, everywhere, every corner, every room, every table, they all have some sort of toy on them.
-One of my favorite things is when Ace grabs my hand, holds it up to his lips, and gives me a kiss, then looks at me and smiles so lovingly. That boy melts my heart!

Wow- that was not as simple as I thought it would be, but simple at the same time. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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