Gorgeous Wreath

Deanna came over the other night and brought this gorgeous wreath with her! I couldn't stop staring at it. She said it took her a couple nights and some mindless TV to work in front of, but the outcome is stunning! She found the wreath base at the dollar store and it's just a white one. Nothing special. Then she cut this beautiful paper (that she was saving for a special project-- we all that "stash" of paper!) and decided it would be perfect for this. She cut all the papers pretty thin, and wrapped them tightly around a ball point pen. When released, they sprang into the cute coils. She hot glued them to the wreath and continued to fill in the gaps where needed. She also created these super cute roses by crumpling the paper, then folding a strip of the crumpled paper in half lengthwise and started twisting it into a flower shape. She used hot glue to keep it together as she was working, and then glued it down when she was done. Turned out so beautiful- I can only hope she makes me one for Christmas *hint hint*!

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