New Papers!

So I’m off to a 3 day scrapbook retreat this coming Thurs-Sun. I am SOOO EXCITED! This will be my 3rd once since I started scrapping about 1 1/2 years ago. It’s more or less a scrap when you want and sleep if there is time kind of weekend. But with no cell phone service and lots of table space- you get TONS done! I bought a few new things for my weekend away- such as a “Round it all” by Zutter, in Pink of course. A new paper piercer since my husband broke my last one trying to unclog a bottle of gorilla glue- I think the gorilla won that match up. I also had to buy 2 new lines of paper that were just too cute to pass up. I know I say that a lot but come on, this stuff is so cute! The first one is by Bo Bunny- “Alissa” although I didn’t buy anything but the papers. See- cute huh!


The other line I bought- and for those of you who really know me, this is out of character- was the Pebbles Inc. “So Tweet”.

So Tweet

I hate birds. No, I should re-phrase that, I hate bird decor, bird papers, bird jewelry etc. SO when I saw this I thought that’s cute and walked away. 10 min later I’m still thinking about the darn bird so I knew he was just to cute to not buy! And yes, I did buy the stickers too! So my goal while on this retreat is to use the So Tweet line AND the bird stickers and come up with something so cute you’ll also have to go out and buy the line! I’ll post pics upon my return- happy waiting!

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