I peruse many scrapbooking blogs (via RSS mostly) throughout the day. Some I just look at the pictures, others I actually read every word, sometimes multiple times. Today my RSS list is 45 strong... wow! How do I have time to work when there's scrapping to think about! Ok on to today's little gem!
I started out on The Gal Blog post from yesterday. Yes, the lingerie card... I think it's darling! My mind started running with it and now I think I must go buy some new ribbons! But I wanted to see the template for one, and for two, I wanted to see everyone else's takes on it. I was thinking back to CKC Seattle last November (oh what fun we had!) and this super cute booth had a darling chipboard bra. I wanted it but didn't know what to do with it then... now I wish I'd have bought it. Sorry- back on track, so while reading the post on The Gal Blog, she has a link to more designs on the ScrapFIT blog- Even Cuter!!! In that blog, she puts a link to the actual template... didn't know you were going blog hopping today did you!?! Ok so I'll give you the shortcut- but you really really should check out the other blogs.... they're great ones! Ok here's the link to the template, it's on the Much Ado About Nothing blog - click here for the template.

Ok- so now I want to see YOUR version of the lingerie card! Believe me, if I had my supplies with me right now I would SO be doing this! Maybe I should sketch it out... great idea!
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