The Simple Woman's Daybook 12/31/09

*Outside my window is a quickly approaching snow & ice storm.
*I am thinking that I really shouldn't stay at work all day. It's super boring, because no one is here, and I don't think I've really done any work yet. AND there is an ice storm quickly approaching!
*I am thankful for my new iPod that holds tons of music and a great charge which helps me to eliminate the noises outside my 3 walled office- aka a cubicle.
*I am wearing my hair in a pony tail, again, because 1) I'm too lazy to do my hair for work & 2) I don't care what my hair looks like for work, a pair of ratty jeans, a red sweater (which I'm not sure how old it is), and white socks with my black loafers, NICE! I'm such a Fashionista... or not
*I am going to the WHL Hockey Game tonight and then spending the rest of the evening at home. Happy New Year to me!
*I am remembering the years past, that New Years Eve was so much fun, going out and partying. Not so much anymore. I must be getting older.
*I am currently anticipating a notification from work that they're sending us home early (and paid) because of hazardous road conditions from said snow & ice storm that is quickly approaching.
*I am hoping that I can go home in a few minutes... please?
*My favorite song lyrics today? Well, John Mayer sings something about Red Wine & Ambien which makes me smile, although I hate red wine and have never taken Ambien. But I still find it amusing.
*Noticing that my desk is pretty messy. I should really straighten up my cubicle insted of updating my blog.
*From the kitchen freezer and into Ace's lunchbox this morning went a bag of chicken nuggets with fries and a waffle (both by his request). He said he was going to be really really hungry today!

*Around the house are a few remaining Christmas decorations that need to be put away, even though I cannot find their original box. Guess that doesn't mean that they should remain on display, but i just don't feel motivated to put them away. Maybe tomorrow!

*One of my favorite things is enjoying my morning coffee which Ace and I stop for DAILY! I always get the same thing- 20 oz, quad shot, extra sugar free vanilla, non-fat latte, and Ace gets his kids vanilla steamer or chocolate milk. Today our barista Jamie remembered both of our drinks! Now that's what I'm paying him for! A Happy Coffee Morning!

I wish you a safe and happy New Years Eve and a Wonderfully Happy New Year! May this new decade be your best one yet! Create many lasting memories with those you love!

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