Scrapping thru the eyes of a 5 year old

My 5 year old niece Emma was given a homework assignment to make a scrapbook page. I'm the scrapper of the family so I was asked if I would mind helping. Of course not! I packed up about 2/3 of my scrapbook stuff. I had no idea what she was going to want to do. I had in my mind some cool ideas but then I had to remember it was her art. My husband laughed and tried to remind me that it was for kindergarten not for an adult. Well, I did end up leaving one of my totes in the car but figured I could go get it if needed (I didn't need it). Emma's dad gave me a surprised look when he saw how much I was bringing in. Hey, you never know I told him! And yes, we did look through most of what I brought.

I brought her 3 plain sheets of paper to choose from. Then we went through my printed scraps to find something that she liked. Come to find out, she doesn't like flowers. Who knew! Definitely not me! We also looked through my stickers and rub ons and all that fun stuff. The only part that I really contributed was to the glittery "E" at the top, but even then, I just mentioned to her that it would be cute and she decided to do it. Found cute rub on glitter, instead of the pouring kind. Much easier for her.

She enjoys soccer which prompted the soccer ball on the bottom right. But then I showed her the light up star that I'd bought for a page for my son (probably about a year ago). She instanly asked if she could use it. SURE! She really liked that it lit up. Then she added the other sports shapes too. Oh, and the guitar pic which says "tough". She liked it. It's all good. The part that I find the most interesting of her choices is the chipboard people shapes. My thought was to put them off to the side and ink them, or something like that (*I didn't tell her that though). She decided that she wanted to put them on the actual picture of the family. I put the glue on them and she placed them where she wanted them. All in all, we had fun together, even though it was a short project. Guess you can't expect too much out of a 5 year old. I did mention as I was packing, for her to let me know when she wanted to do another one. We'll see when/if that happens!
I love you Emma & enjoyed our time together! LOVE, Auntie Jenn
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  1. slinkycat Says:

    Cute! Sounds like you had lots of fun together even if you had to restrain yourself from helping too much lol She looks like a sweetie and her page came out great :)

    Leanne x