CKC Seattle was a blast!

CKC (Creating Keepsakes Convention) Seattle was SOOO MUCH FUN! This was my 2nd year attending and it is so worth the money! Classes range from $15-45 and you basically determine how many classes you take so it can be as cheap or expensive as you want. I spent $180 on classes & 2 crops ($26/ea). The classes teach you new techniques, get your hands on new product, and leave you inspired. If you've never been, I highly recommend it! They have over 15 locations across the US.

This year, we took my car. We- being myself (of course), MaryJo, Kristen and Amanda. We all packed pretty light knowing we'd all be shopping and having class projects to bring home. The car wasn't too full on the way up. It was comfortable. We left Thursday morning and headed straight for Scrapbook Nook in Kent, WA. It's my favorite scrapbook store of all time! They have a huge 5000 sq ft store, amazing current products and and there are so many projects on display you don't know which one to put in your basket first!

Thursday night the four of us were at dinner at the Cheesecake Factory **YUMMY** and we got a text from our good friend Kelley. She was sad, and lonely. The text said something to the effect of "Dear CKC, why must you be so far, so expensive, and take all of my friends away". We giggled about it and then a lighbulb went off! Hey, it's Thursday, my husband Garrick is driving up Saturday, we have an extra wristband for the vendor shopping ($9.00 savings) and we have extra room in our hotel room & car to bring her home. We texted her back and told her all she'd need to do was to buy a ticket for the Saturday night crop! She was IN! YEAH!

Around noon on Saturday, Kelley arrived at the convention ready and armed with cash to shop! We all had lunch together (in between classes) and although the Saturday night crop was sold out, Kelley managed to score a ticket- EVEN BETTER!

We all did a lot of shopping, and I mean A LOT! Remember when I said my car wasn't too full, well... I couldn't really see out the window on the way home! With 5 suitcases, 2 rolling totes, 4 backpacks and even more shopping bags, it was a tight squeeze! Here's proof! This is my car...
Well, we can't wait for next November for the convention again! Yippee! I better start saving now- Maybe I should give up my daily latte habit... Nah! :)
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