Fair Ribbons

OMG I'm so excited about my ribbons I've won so far at the county fair! I submitted 2 - 2 page layouts into the horticulture scrapbook category and won 2 blue ribbons there.... 5- 2 page layouts into the arts scrapbook category and I haven't found out about those ribbons yet, or the 2 altered items I've submitted which you've seen here on my blog- the altered mirror and the CD tin album I made for my mom's birthday earlier this year. Those ended up in the handicrafts category so I am not sure how those did. I can't wait to go to the fair (or at least have somone report back to me about my ribbon status)!!! OK that's all for now. I'll post pictures of my layouts with the ribbons later when I actually get to the fair. Enjoy your day!

8/28 Ribbon update- Went to the fair on 8/26 and found that I received 1st place Blue ribbons on ALL 9 of my entries!!!! That's so cool! Now I didn't win best of show this year, but that's okay. Gotta share the wealth sometimes. Plus, there's always the "Central Washington State Fair" at the end of Sept. I've never entered (or even been to) that fair, so it'll be a fun conclusion to summer!
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