More for March Design Team

Out of the same pack of Cosmo Cricket "Lil' Man" paper, I also created this 4 sided door hanger. The initial idea was to make a "shhh baby sleeping" but once you started reading the phrases, nothing really fit the bill. SO, out came the creativity! I decided each of the four sides was to be more of a point of where the boy was, or the type of mood he was trying to convey. It was bound using my Bind It All, but because of all the decorative ribbon I put on the wires, it doesn't actually flip over. I also used the Cricut to cut out the words "come in" on the cover, and "took off" on the 3rd page.

I'm here- come on in! I'm ready to fight... enter at your own risk
I'm not here

Wishing Dad would take me to a ball game!

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