The Simple Woman's Daybook 1/6/10

*Outside my window is a sunny blue sky, and cold winter air.
*I am thinking of how nice it would feel to sit in my car with the sun shining in the windows and my seat warmer on and the sunroof open to get some cool, crisp, fresh air
*I am thankful that I can decorate my cubicle at work however I like, so I can look at my fabulous altered items
*I am wearing the same black sweater that I was wearing when I posted to my blog on 12/30.
*I am going to buy some new clothes... SOON
*I remembered
*I am currently listening to my iPod on Shuffle and Lady Gaga just came on, again
*I am hoping that my Sister-in-Law Carrie is able to get back to Germany soon. Military flights are hard to get without your soldier with you. Her soldier is in Iraq
*I am noticing the notification light flashing on my blackberry- must stop to check it
*My favorite lunchtime treat is chocolate anything. Today it was chocolate covered Ritz crackers
*From within the kitchen clutter I found the Panda Express gift card that I thought I mistakenly threw away.
*Around the house are little bits of my scrapbook art. I must start displaying more of it.
*One of my favorite songs right now is called "Life Left to go" by Safetysuit.
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