I'm "LINKED TO" on another blog!

Ok I KNOW I'm a nerd- but I was checking out the feedjit list of how people are finding my little 'ol blog, and I was shocked to see yet again, someone find me from the Kayla Aimee blog. I follow Kayla Aimee on her blog, her twitter and her facebook. Yes, her tweets DO come to my phone because her posts are just that funny that I have to read them as soon as she posts! I feel like I know her, but have never met her. Although this one time, she tweeted something, and then I replied to it and she replied to me! Isn't that cool! Ok, maybe not to you, but she's my little "celebrity blogger" friend. And then... oh wait- back to the subject at hand...

SO, I was looking at the feedjit list, and people are getting to me via Kayla Aimee. So I clicked on the link that they are coming from, figuring it's going to link me back to a comment I made to one of her posts, but NO- I am on her BLOG ROLL! I'm so excited! I think I need to go back and repeat the "I KNOW I'M A NERD" comment???

Anyway- I crafted lots this weekend. I finished tag #10 of my vintage Christmas advent calendar (very very glad Christmas is still 348 days away). I also have been tasked with making a little "baby album" for my new cousin to be, due in February. The album is jungle animal theme. I finished 4 of the 20 pages in 3 1/2 hours. It's turning out SO SO CUTE! I'm afraid I won't want to part with it when I'm done. I have to finish the book by the shower on 1/30, so if only I didn't have to work, I could actually scrap and get it done! I know you want to see pictures, but well- I don't have any yet. I will post them, promise!

Well, I guess I better get back to work, so that I can get the rest of the work day done and then maybe scrap tonight, if I'm not too tired. TTFN! Jenn
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