Awkward Conversations

My old boss, (I mean Manager*- sorry sorry, he HATED it when I called him my boss) stopped by my cubicle today on his way to another meeting. Conversations with him are & were always so awkward. I'm a chatter... I'll admit it. It was so hard working for for someone who just cannot converse like a normal person... wait let me rephrase that- converse like a non-scientist person. Those scientists just have so much going on in their brain that is so much more important than the meaningless conversations I have, but um- back on track...

I would sit at my desk every day as he walked in and out of his office, right past my desk with out saying: good morning, hi, how's it going, nothing!!! As if I was invisible. That's just so frustrating. How can people just pretend like you aren't there. NO there wasn't a wall in front of my desk so he wouldn't know if I was there or not. He could hear me talking to other people. He could hear me laugh-- I mean, who can't hear me laugh! Even my new boss knows my laugh and comes looking for me beause he knows I'm close by. I know, I know, back to the story (oh and I changed names to protect the innocent, except my own of course, because that would just be dumb)-But those of you who know me, know who it really is!

So he stopped by my cube today and the conversation went something like this...
B) Hi Jenn
J) Hi Brent
B) How's it going?
J) Good. How about you?
B) Going good.
J) How's Kim (wife)
B) Good.
J) Good. How's the kids?
B) Good.
J) How's the new building?
B) Good.
J) Oh good. I was over there last week. It was nice, as nice as cubicles can be I guess.
B) Yeah, the labs are nice
B) How's your boy? Is he causing you problems yet?
J) No, luckily, but he's only 3. It'll come with the territory I suppose.
B) Yeah. Ok bye.

I think it took about 2 minutes total for him to talk to me. It was probably the worst 2 minutes of his day, but then again- HE was the one who stopped by to talk to me, not the other way around. People can be so weird!
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